Friday, August 11, 2006

Using social Networking tools: 2 Elluminate tips

Here’s a set of tips for those about to participate in web conferencing using Elluminate Live.
· Days before the event check that you can access an Elluminate Room from your PC (ensure that you have the latest version of Java)
· Enlist the aid of an IT support person if you are behind a firewall (they can ensure the correct ports are selected for access)
· Login to the room at least 20 minutes prior to starting time - to allow for any technical difficulties
· Have a notepad and pen beside you or open up Notepad on PC to jot down interesting facts, URLs, email addresses etc.
· Ensure that you headphones have the volume at a reasonable level for speaking and are plugged in correctly to your PC
· Select the wide layout of Elluminate windows to view the text chat area more comfortably (if required)
· During the event scroll the chat area to ensure that you can read and take in those comments, questions etc
· Participate on the whiteboard if asked (select a smaller font size from the palette for typing in text)
· Use the emoticons wherever you feel relevant (smiley if you're really engaged; hands clapping to indicate appreciation)
Hope these help!

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