Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mentoring: a new slant in 2008

As an independent elearning consultant I have many options open to me in the world of VET, ACE, Schools and Universities. I am not tied to any one institution and I do not have my time scheduled for me in classrooms. Scheduling is what I do for myself, taking on those projects that enable me to continue to be a virtual mentor and coach.

Most of my online work is linked to projects that are funded by the national Framework or by individual state based authorities. This year I will be extending the Innovate and Integrate program and providing tailored workshops and follow up activities for those interested in embedding innovative practices in their domains. In 2008 I am also revisiting the Knowledge Bank as a consultant and coach for their planned online events using Elluminate Live.

In 2008 my focus is on simplifying my online spaces and creating an area where I can lead potential clients to find out more about my skills and services as a one stop shop. I seem to have a plethora of web spaces in which I dabble here and there on one topic or another; wikispaces, wetpaint spaces, EdNA groups, Moodle modules, community websites and so on. When asked for one website to direct enquiries too, I need to make a choice based on the equirer's needs. I need to consolidate all of that to make it a seamless process.

I am guided by other colleagues, also independent elearning or mlearning consultants, that my best strategy would be to have a web space that includes my name in the URL. In this way I will be found online by a simple Google search of my name, which is well known in the elearning environment.

So on to the new slant for 2008 - a one stop web space for Coach Carole.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Moving on

Not all ideas will work immediately, the 5 day challenge, was one of those. If something does not immediately resonate, then drop it. This is a particularly busy time for networkers and an added activity is certainly not sought after.

I'm keen now to explore if any of the 'unexpected outcomes' from posing a challenge like this actually took place. You know the very notion that there could be room for improvement in a share web space is often enough for the owner to take a critical look and to make improvements.

So during October I need to call in to as many of the networks as possible to see what has changed. Offering some individual points of improvement may work better in this busy time period.

Dear Diary, its been one month since my posting and I'm overstretched with my online coaching so must plan to post less frequently. For those who may be following this blog, you'll find that I scatter my thoughts in various places and you can find some of these by visiting my online space at Coach Carole's Space at:
use the links on the top right.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

5 day challenge

The 5 day challenge was posted to the Networkers Nexus on 5th September. It has been advertised as beginning on September 19 when the Networks facilitators have their next online meeting. The posting contained an attachment which spells out the tasks for each of the 5 days to creating a better network.

So far I've added two replies to the posting:
1. to notify of the 5 day challenge blog in the Nexus and
2. to provide some tips on creating a dynamic community.

I will need to have some others strategies ready to add further engagement in the Nexus during September. Some of the ideas I have on that are:

a. adding new imagery
b. adding voice files

Now let's see if I can rise to the challenge of building a better network too.

Cool Music Video Widget for Social Profile or Blog

Cool Music Video Widget for Social Profile or Blog

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Coaching in Centra

Some screen shots from a Coaching and Mentoring session in Centra are captured here at this address. Somewhere in here I should be able to embed these slides using this code.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What do I use a Blog for?

It is becoming increasingly useful to point people to my blogs to find out the following things in context:

1. my coaching and mentoring philosophy
2. my project reflections
3. my family updates
4. my digital storytelling journey

Of course, as a gemini, I keep quite a few blogs so that I can keep my postings well categorised and meaningful to readers. The blogs are great little repositories for reflections on many topics and it is always interesting to go back to read them on occasions. For example I noticed that I had not made an entry in this one since late last year. So for me, one of the downsides to keeping many blogs is remembering to use them frequently.

Today we'll be talking about the use of blogs at the 24/7 virtual room linked from the AFLF Community. Join us there if you like for a discussion on blogs and some practical 'how to's' for setting up a blog.

Coach Carole

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Using social networking tools: 3 Personal Learning Pages

Check out my entry at Facebook a relatively new piece of research for the schools sector of digital storytelling community.

Carole McCulloch's Facebook profile

Then check out some new online friends who are posting about PLEs at:

Friday, August 11, 2006

Using social Networking tools: 2 Elluminate tips

Here’s a set of tips for those about to participate in web conferencing using Elluminate Live.
· Days before the event check that you can access an Elluminate Room from your PC (ensure that you have the latest version of Java) www.elluminate.com/support
· Enlist the aid of an IT support person if you are behind a firewall (they can ensure the correct ports are selected for access)
· Login to the room at least 20 minutes prior to starting time - to allow for any technical difficulties
· Have a notepad and pen beside you or open up Notepad on PC to jot down interesting facts, URLs, email addresses etc.
· Ensure that you headphones have the volume at a reasonable level for speaking and are plugged in correctly to your PC
· Select the wide layout of Elluminate windows to view the text chat area more comfortably (if required)
· During the event scroll the chat area to ensure that you can read and take in those comments, questions etc
· Participate on the whiteboard if asked (select a smaller font size from the palette for typing in text)
· Use the emoticons wherever you feel relevant (smiley if you're really engaged; hands clapping to indicate appreciation)
Hope these help!

Using social networking tools: 1 Elluminate

This month I acquired my own Elluminate Live Lite office and found it most useful for conducting voice conversations with the use of slides where necessary for my mentoring tasks.

I am also finding that I can 'hire' the room out so to speak for use by my mentees as they learn how to moderate at a basic level.

My coaching tools now include my travelling ELL Office at:

If you're reading this and accessing my office, you'll need to let me know via email so I can log in too.

Contact me at: dejavu4@bigpond.net.au